Network Discovery APIs

Several CSP providers! The most common providers include: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure / Office365, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Cloud for Government, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Cisco Webex Edge Connect, Alibaba, OVH, Cloudflare.

Other providers include: Accenture, ADISTA, AIS Business Cloud, Ajubeo, Artisan Infrastructure, Carpathia Hosting, DataBank Cloud Services, Day 1 Solutions, Enovance, Expedient, Flexential: FlexAnywhere, Fullsave, GROUPE RDI, Hosting.com, Ikoula, IntelePeer, Internap, Linkbynet, Lunavi Inc, NetDepot, Nimbix, Outscale, Oxalide, Packet, Phoenix NAP, QTS Cloud Services, RapidScale, Scale Matrix, StratoGen, The Faction Group, Twilio, Virtustream, Vitelity Cloud, VMware Cloud on AWS, Wasabi Cloud, Xtium.

No, but buildings can be returned on a batch-by-batch basis of your supplied addresses in the building validation route.

Quote & Order APIs

The integrators that have already completed API development are: Connectbase, LastMileXchange (LMX), Masterstream, and NDA Corp. Please note that any integrator can work with Zayo to integrate with our APIs as the development is on the integrator side.

ICB or individual case basis means that our deal management team needs additional time to evaluate options. This may result in updated pricing or a No Bid.

This ensures a human will follow up on any quotes returned with 'ICB' where this flag is set to yes. Please do not set this as default unless you want a human contacting you on every request.

Yes pricing is based on Zayo build costs, you will not recieve alternative vendor options.

Minor versions upgrades can occur every 6 weeks, and major version upgrades will happen no more frequently than yearly. We will continue to support the major version down for a full year while your teams upgrade.

A digital signature is a digital representation of your signature on the Zayo Service Order Form.

We will continue to support the major version down for a full year while your teams upgrade.

Service Management APIs

Not yet! This is on our 2023 roadmap.

Authorization APIs

Please reach out to for access.

Zayo bearer tokens expire hourly.

No, at this time we only support oAuth2.0.


Please reach out to for any feature requests.

2xxOkThe request was successfully received, understood, and accepted
3xxRedirectionFurther action needs to be taken in order to complete the request
4xxClient ErrorThe request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled
5xxServer ErrorThe server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request

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